As a rezult of military aggressions from the part of Armenia,begun in 1988  20 percent of the Azerbaijan lands were occupied ,destroyed over 800 inhabited points,near 6000 industrial and agricultural,4366 cultural objects.

Amongst them secondary shools,490 medical institutions,927 libraries,22 muzeums,6 state theaters,tens of mosgues and temples.Ingeneral,Azerbaijaneconomy was inficted demage in 22 billion USA dollars.

From the beginning of war near 20 thousand people of Azerbaijan were perished,50 thousand have beenwounded and became disabled men,over 1 million of Azeri people became refugees and IDP in their own mother land,and 4959 of our citizens have been missing. From them 71 are children,320 are women and 358 are oldsters,at an age of more than 60 years.

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