Bakinets International Cultural Society, a non-political and non-commercial organisation, was established January, 25, 1992 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The name of the organisation actually means "a bakunian a person living in Baku.

The main purpose of the society is to preserve the cultural traditions of the native city that is famous for its internationalism and culture. Also, the society serves to provide business and non-business links between the people who used to live in Baku before but who are spread all over the world today. Additionally, the organisation considers the charity to be a very important direction of its activity.


For the last five years Bakinets has acted as the initiating and implementing agency for a number of actions such as the concerts of the famous Azerbaijani musicians and singers, musical parties, birthdays and anniversaries of the outstanding figures who contributed to the Azerbaijan culture. Those include famous musicians, theatre and movie actors and many others. The Baku audience did like these parties and want to see these wonderful performances again and again


The society introduced the concerts of the prominent Azerbaijan musicians including composer Tofig Kuliyev, pianist Chingiz Sadykhov, opera singers Fidan and Khuraman Gasimov sisters. The society made possible for the Baku audience to participate in the jubilees of such famous and favourite artists as theatre actress Nassiba Zeynalova and singer Mirza Babayev, script writer Maksud Ibragimbekov, poet and writer Yusif Samedoglu, actress Amina Yusifgizi and many others.

In co-operation with the creative unions of Azerbaijan Bakinets organised the republican competition titled "Success of the Year" which is held once a year for the last five years. Every year the winners receive the independent public prize "Humay" in such nominations as theatre, movies, music, fine arts, TV, journalism, architecture, publishing, literature, sports, professional devotion given by the independent professional jury. This jury includes many Azerbaijan famous writers, poets, actors, musicians and statesmen such as Tofik Kuliyev, Vasif Adygozalov, Anar Rzayev, Chingiz Abdullayev, Hassan Turabov, Azer Neymatov, Oktay Mirkasimov, Rassim Balayev, Farhad Halilov, Agabek Sultanov.


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