Azerbaijan folk belongs to the number of old inhabitants of Caucasus.As any other etnos,Azerbaijanians are unigue and unrepeatable,possess own territory and history,material and spiritual culture,language and ethnic self-conscious,ideology and state building,Azerbaijanship and historical memory,past,present and future.Azerbaijanians and their history native land-Azerbaijan consocutively pass in its development same stages that characteristic of the whole humanity:primitive-acommunal formation,primary society,feodalism,and capitalism.

Historically,Azerbaijanians*traditional occupations were husbandry,cayyle breeding,craft,and folk providences.Land culture since old times occupies a lead place that finds proof and accessories of Azerbaijan to oldest hearths of cultivating wheat and barley.Here also rice and millet are cultivated,rye and oats.Country always was famous for "rare goods",which hitherto have a great demand on the world market.These are oil and silk,cotton and saffron,fish of strugeon sort and caviar.In addition,today in Azerbaijan horticulture and orchids,tobacco growing and viticulture are widespread.


OnOn the base of rich natural raw resources and cattle breeding were developed craft and public providences.The handicraftsman of vein in city in particular guarters on professions:potters and carpet maker,weavers and tailor,smiths and leather-makers,carpenters and shoe-makers,gunsmiths and jewelers,bookbinders and scribes,furriers and others.They made varied and high-guality ceramie products,colorful silk,cotton wool and woolly fabrics,and carpets,side-arms and cloth,jewelry embellishment and footwear,main wear and products from the skin and bone,trees and metals,glass and stone.

The most widespread and main type of settlings from antiguities and up to now is kend-village,or inhabitants of country much early have altered by sawing on lifestyle.

Alongside with countries,which were noted for multiple city,from olden times belong Tabriz,Derbend,Maraga,Shamakhi,Hamadan,Ganja,Nakhchivan.These were culture centers and sciences,crafts and trade,residences of rules.

They were provided by powerful defensive walls;there were multiple markets and caravansary,palaces and pavilions,sguares and gardens.


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