Apartament buildings were made from the different building material:clays and stone,raw and fired briek.Buldings were in one-two and three-four floors,encireled walls and economic buildings.Trasditional interior without fall included niches and regiments,where were kept bed accessories and cloth,home utensil and small subjects.In one of the sewer was a fireplace,used for heating at the cvool time.A room was decorated by painting,on floor,palas and carpets.Having leaned on pillows and mutaki,they sat usually on carpets.There were curtains on windows.

Public cuisine is highly varied,includes meat,flour,milk and vegetable dishes.There were known more than 40 types of bread,which were always,considered as abundance and profusions.Hitherto,even dry bread could not be thrown:it might be considered as a sin.

Particularly,dairy product-cheese occupied a widespread place,which Azeris consider as "second bread".Meat dishes prepare mainly from the mutton:they are highly varied,include fluid and second dishes;even one stick of barbague(kebab) is varied more than 60 types.Particular place belongs to pilov:200types of pilovhave been known,depending on spices,and way of preparation and areas.All dishes are prepared or given with spices from different verdures and spices.There is great ensembble:onion and garlic,pepper and tarkhun,basilie and spearmint,tomatoes and cucumbers,carnation and saffron,ginger and cinnamon,cardamon and garnet,barberry and caraway,olives and chestnuts,garnet and dry fruits the whole is more than 400 types of wild and cultural fruits and plants. Enter
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