Not less varied milk food and product:butter and cheese,sour cream and cream,tart milk ,fresh salty pot cheese,as well as"gurut" :dried balls,which divorce,on the measure of necessity,water and add in dish ,or go with bread.

Pastries more than 100 types,for their fabrications use wheat flour and sugar,honey and dry fruits,starch and egg,rasing and spice.The most widespread,particularly on holiday,pakhlava and shor-goghal,sheker byura and sheher-chorek,nougat and fruit sugar are prepared.

Id addition there are drinks such as milk and sherbet,ayran and tea,fruit juice ,sharab (wine) and arag (vodka).

Bright color , difficultyn cover,variety of types and fprms distinguish traditional feminine cloth.It consists of the silk underwear or cotton shirt,such a sharovaer or brief.


Chemise as well as skirt and dress where decoratel by the beads,gilded or silver plate and will dawdle,galloon,braid ,and fur.So natty was "arkhalig"-jacker with long sleeves,sewn from the velvet,atlas,silk,satin and lined calico;kurdu jacker without sleeves,on the guilt lining;"chepken"shirt.The women covered their heads by different kerchiefs:"kelagai","lechek","chadra","chalma";dressed also"tesek",and sometimes shawl.Hairstyle usually consisted of two scythes;haircut has appered very late.Make-up was widespread:stibium,henna and other eastern facilities.



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