Male cloth was not by the particular variety:underwear shirt and drawers and "arkhalig". They covered by "chukha" and "kurk" (sheepskin), "yapingi" (burki) ,tall fur hat , "bashlik" , "chalma" , skull-up were on the head.

Peasant footwear was sharikh: on rawhide skins,put on the wooly socks. People of city usually put on leather shoes from safyan on heels and with the elated sock.

Feminine suit was decorated by various jewellery:gilded or silver belt , wrought by semiprecious stones,including turguoise;main,breast,lace,wrist,temple an embellishment usually cola and rings,earrings and bracelets,necklaces and stickpins,and claps,buttons,gilded and silver coins.Male garb usually was decorated or dagger or sable,belt,different gallons,and rings.

There were broadlu used amulets from "whammy" and "damages",which were sawn on the cloth or carried on the hand.Historical Azerbaijan consists of lands from Derbend (in the north) up to Hamadan ( in the south) and from the Caspian Sea (in the east) up to the Minor Asia ( in the west).Therefore,Azerbaijani land has an area of 410 thousand sguare kilometers.Sources of Azerbaijani othnos go back to the III b.c. and that is the first discovery of in USSR and the fourth one in all over the world was found out.

Neonderthal-primitive person,lived 350 thousand years ago in Azikh cave,in Fizuli region of the Azerbaijan Republic.



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