Main line of evolutions the Azeri was connected with the local  tribes. On determined stages of history in ethno genetic process on ground of Azerbaijan took part different tribes,including Turkic,amongst whieh gixed Huns and bulgaris,sabirs and khazaris,oghuzes and gipehaks. From the others possible note kimmmeriytses and massagets,scythians and Arabs,Shaping Azeri ethnos was terminated in XI-XII centuries,where upon possible speak of Turks-Azeris. In statistics,there are more than 40 million Azeris over the world.They have the largest ethnos on the Caucasus and second as Turkic-speaking nation in the world.They  largest part of its native land,but in lobby more than 10 million on all continents of the land,significant Azeri copmmunities are in Turkey and Irag,USA and France,Germany and Britain,Georgia and Ruissia,Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The first state on Caucasus created by ancestors of modern Azeris:Manney state,existed in IX-VII B.C.Thereafter Azerbaijan state building began,continuously lasting up  to now.Amongst state long-stayers,it is necessary to note two,each of which has existed continuously about 1000 years.These were Albanian (III-VII B.C.) and Shirvan (VI-XVI (centuries).Amongst the most significant,influenced on the    history of Caucasus and nearby regions* was the state of Atabeks and Ildenizids (XII century) and Sefevi empire (XVI-XVIII centuries). In the second half of XVIII century in Azerbaijan existed multiple khanate,destroyed in the first one-third of XIX century weapon during war between Russia and Iran.

Thereafter country and nation are developed  on different political and social-economic models,though as before form united ethnos with united language and culture.In north part of country,this is the Azerbaijan Republic,independent state of modern international society.In the south Azerbaijan of land is situated in Iran.With the development of commodity-money relation,big family was disintegrated:small family became usual.Though Shariat allows Moslem having four wives at the same time,in Azerbaijan poligamy was not a widespread phonomenon:Only rich men could have soch family.





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