.In Azerbaijan,up to now there is traditional line of wedding.Though  they have suffered certain changes to relationships with the development of society,however as before Azerbaijan wedding of this musical-emotional triumph, reflecting high-level public creation.It is distinctive,either as much centennials back,broad range of dances and song,plays and amusements,foods and drinks.

To have many shildren is a subject of pride of the Azeri family,Nevertheless,particular joy caused a giving birth a first-born-boy.

One of the most old customs of respect to "agsaggal":oldsters and old men. Olden Greece author in the first centure-Strabon specially has noted that Azeris give higher respect to not only their own parents but also to strangers*.Talking with "agsaggals"Azeri people present politeness and care and respectful silence uo to now.Advices and decisions of "agsaggal" are taken without any discussion.

Folklore of Azerbaijan is very old and diverse.These are heroic,romantic and household-moral poem-dastan.Amongst them "Kitabi-Dada-Gorgud","Koroglu","Esli and Kerem","Shah Ismail","Ashig Garib","Gachag Nabi",are more popular.Tale and riddle,satire and humor,proverbs and sayings are widespread.In poem,genre was in the forms of "bayaty","goshma" and "gerayly",reflecting labor,rites,heroine and lyrics of folk.This is first furrow-one og the olden holidays celebrated,by the springtime;holiday of roses accounts for the springtime or beginning of summer and was noted as public walking.Novruz Bayrami-is holiday of coming of springtime,is not at the day of the vernal equiinox,complies with the beginningof field work and is ritual food accompanied by the preparation of painted eggs,a reconnoitering the campfires and jumps through them,cantons,music,mutual presenting and solemn dinner:pilov and pastries.

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