Ot these and other triumphs people play on national musical instruments such as "tar" and "kamancha","tutek" and "def","ud" and "balaban".They performed various forms of sing,including mugams.

Religious belief of Azeris passed a long way of development and transformation.First,there were different cult worship to the Sun,Moon,stars,power and phenomena of nature,dick bestial and water,fire and trees , stones and different totems and fetishes.Then in the country are spread zorastizim,and then Christianity Islam has been dominating since VII century.In this connection<Shariat (Moslem common law) penetrated material and spiritual culture,as well az traditions and rites of Azeris.In connection with it the same reason that Moslem rites were widespread:uraza,Kurban Bayrami (holiday of sacrifies),piklgrimage to Mecca-Hajj and in other saint places;Muharram (mourning days on murdered Imam Hussein,son of caliph Ali).

Besides,Azeri people are famous for their hospitality:guest in the house is joy and holiday,the best place of room is presented for him-kunakhkaya;and he always is under protection of master of house.


      Azerbaijanians have contributed its contribution to the development of world civilizations,acknowlegement what serves Azerbaijan best representatives.As we do not have possibility to list all what given to the mankind by Azeri land,let us finish our short essay about Azerbaijanians by names the most giving amongst them.There are poets,thinkers and scientifie such as Nizami and Khagani,Tusi,Fizuli,Nasimi and Vagif,poetess Natavan;composers Huzeyir Hajibayev,Muslim Magomayev and Gara Garayev; historian Abbasgulu agha Bakikhanov;patrons of the arts Zeynalabdin Tagiyev and Musa Nagiyev; creators and leaders opf the first in the east sovereign mundane state Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920) Memmed Emin Rasulzadeh,Fatali-khan Khoyskiy and Limardan bay Topchibashev; generals Samed-agha Mehmandarov,Agha-Ali Shikhlinskiy and Hazi Aslanov; the scientists academicians Murtuza Nagiyev and Mikail Useynov; the first vocalist of European storehouse Bul-Bul,jazzman Vagif Mustafazadeh.one of the most great modern Moslem poets-lyricists Shahriyar and artist Sattar Bahlulzadeh.Tabriz school of miniatures had got broad popularity and confession due to works of Sultan Muhammad;Azerbaijan architecture,represented to the world by masterpieces;carpets,which,up to now come into notice by its ornament and color,quality and skill of performance,weaven in Tabriz and Baku,Shamakhi and Canja,Guba and Garabakh.

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